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Transhumanism – Earth realm was hijacked a long time ago

Posted on Nov 5, 2016 by in blog | 0 comments


* This is not only my point of view, I dont have specific details but its just what I see as a big picture of our reality, do your own research..

Earth realm where we currently are was hijacked a long time ago by beings who had spent such a long time in dark realms, that they forgot it was just a game/expression/experience. They were consumed by power & greed & wanted to conquer all other realms. They have already conquered many worlds & realities & the technology they created was programmed to help them accomplish their conquest, it became so advanced that it became an entity in itself and spread itself like a virus with one mission: to convert all life into a format which it could control which indeed is technology based. this process is called transhumanism. First the internet, then microchips in the wrist/hand, then the eyes are replaced by technology with a chip connected to the brain. Step by step minimizing the need for organic matter.
You can research online about AI (artificial intelligence) & Transhumanism via David icke, Simon parkes, George Kavassilas, Alex Collier etc.


If this Earth had not been hijacked there would have been no need for inorganic technology as we would all be fully telepathic & multidimensional & could call upon holographic records of the true history of our universe & others. If you want to chat with a friend you just visualize them & send them a ping, eg; visualize a ball of light exiting your heart to theirs, they would receive it & reply to you in a number of ways, eg, an organic Holographic screen would pop up in front of you and you can speak through that, or they could physically relocate themselves beside you, or they could just reply telepathically.

All the technology in our world like video chatting, digital chat rooms etc, are a very poor imitation of the real thing. The problem is that our memories have been wiped of the knowledge & access to our abilities was suppressed down to below 10%, so when new technologies come forward such as Virtual Reality, its designed by the AI to wow us into its imitation inorganic world. its intention is that we sever our connection with our Earth & true organic source / sustainer of creation. It wants to be God over everything.

Its time to remember, time to wake up & to live fully in our true organic reality.


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