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Sun Yoga!

Posted on Jul 13, 2007 by in blog | 0 comments


The month of March brought Koh Phangan Sunyogi Umasankar, who has discovered a method of absorbing energy directly from the sun, removing the need to eat, drink or sleep, he has not eaten or drank anything for around 10yrs!
If we all learned this we wouldnt need big brothers poisoned foods and drinks anymore!

We attended a 4 day workshop to learn his techniques which proove its actually possible to look/meditate at the sun for around 1 hour! well, its not that easy.. there is a technique to it and best to do it very early or at sunset until you are at the level of being able to meditate on the sun at midday and leave your body like Umasankar.. check his site –

Well, I went for Sun, Chips & Peas after the workshop.. I still had enough change to feed the ferrit..

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