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Silent Retreat in the Pyranees.

Posted on Feb 27, 2007 by in blog | 0 comments


I spent the last week of august in the Pyranees mountains on a 1 week silent retreat, it was the first time ive been silent for such time, its interesting to watch the monkey mind produce quite irrelevant thoughts going off on all tangents, it shows me that the mind is just like a computer, it has no consciousness, its just a tool and when I am not using it it just plays random programs. when it is still the screen saver plays which is the flow of feeling and awareness, connecting with all senses and feeling every movement, staying in the now.. It was helpful to practice the walking meditations where one walks very slow just feeling every movement, at one point I felt that I had been shipped off to a mental home walking so slow staring at the ground.. In fact I think this Earth is a hospital and we are all a bit loopy living in an illusion. so why not make it a good one during the wake up process!

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