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Saved from Death.

Posted on Sep 27, 1984 by in blog | 0 comments


When I was around 12 years of age, I was out playing on a building site with my sister and 2 cousins, we were running around the temporary scaffold walkway planks which surrounded each house that was under construction, the height of the walkway was around 12-15ft, I was infront racing to the 2nd corner when suddenly the plank tipped over 180 degrees and I found myself hurtling towards the ground, I was helpless, All I could see before me was bricks and the adjacent house and scaffold, for a moment I thought that when I land I am either going to die or have very serious head wounds, for sure my face would be misfigured.. then in a flash of a moment which was a cross over to unconsciousness I found myself danglin by my hands from a scaffolding pole on the adjacent house. There is no way I even saw the possibility of jumping onto the scaffold pole, not a chance at that speed that I was descending at. I could not believe what had happened, I was swinging there for maybe 5 seconds ina dreamlike state in awe.. I turned around to see my cousin Wayne who had seen what happened, he was also amazed that I ended up swinging on the pole and not found laying in the rubble.
To this day I reflect to this moment and only I know that I was somehow saved.

Experiences like this are like concrete in the building blocks of faith. Faith of a higher power that looks over us and in times of emergencies when we are powerless this higher energy enables us to be truly empowered which enables us to make extraordinary feats without even being aware of any limits.

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