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Healing in Phuket

Posted on Oct 23, 2005 by in blog | 0 comments


Still wounded but still alive, after 2 weeks of more tricky days and nights battling with the
pain, I got tired of trying everything from Acupuncture to Tibetan Chanting, I knew that a
good Osteopath could get me in the right direction, but none to be found in Chiang Mai.. So a
quick decision was made on the morning of the 15th to fly to to see Garnett, a top dog Osteopath in Phuket Thailand..

As the plane lifted all the best memories of my life were played back to me which gave me a
huge boost, I virtually smiled all the way to Phuket, (good job im in Thailand, I wouldnt get
away with it on the london underground).Id almost forgot all the beauty times ive had over the past 9 years. It was 1996 when I had a
magical awakening with blessings of amazing manifestations which transformed all my dreams into physical reality. I sat in awe at 30.000ft as memories of a magical past flowed through me like a freshwater
stream looking back at the waterfall it flowed from.
It felt like a cycle had completed, it must be time for something new.. I guess the message of
my pain was to change direction.. Since the first night here ive slept well every night, and
feel more comfortable here so this will be my home again for now..
I found the best place to stay in Phuket, which is a backpackers lodge which serves the best
food ive had in Thailand! also they have a nice pool and chill out area.. Visit the link below:

Shanti Lodge

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