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Parallel Earths, Living in a Dream as one Soul

Posted on Nov 8, 2015 by in blog | 0 comments


Thoughts of the week.. Nov 2015..

I recognize I am living in a dream and that the whole of humanity is under a spell.. all dreaming..

1st I have to accept having nothing / nothingness, then everything else is a temporary experience, I should enjoy the ride.
when im content with nothing, no attachments or expectations can form.

what if there are as many parallel earth replicas as there are people, what if we are only 1 soul which has split up into billions of expressions, so at this moment we are living on billions of worlds at the same time living through each persons experience and personality, which would mean we are every person, so every person we see on this earth, we are them on a parallel earth, and they are us on another parallel earth. if this was true then we would change how we treat each other, we would forgive others more easily, because they are another expression of us, they just have lost their way, so we would be more likely to help them remember.

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