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Out of Body Experience (OBE) * Age 18

Posted on Sep 27, 1989 by in blog | 0 comments


I have had various experiences which still to the day have no solid answers, the most prominent which propelled my life in a new direction of awareness happened around the age of 18.

It was around midnight, I was drifting to sleep and felt a strange pins and needles sensation down the right hand side of my body, it was was quite a pleasant feeling and I wanted to feel more of it, so I laid on my back and a few seconds later my whole body was engulfed in a feeling of lightness and I left my body and raised about 30cm parallel to the bed, in this moment I thought wow im dreaming but Im awake! I went back down and up again two more times, the 3rd time to almost a meter high, I felt as if I was in control of this and could go more, but I was quite astonished as to what had just happened, I didnt want to go further, so I laid on my left side reflecting on what just happened and slowly drifted into sleep..
I am not sure how much time passed by but I awoke needing the bathroom so I got out of bed and walked over to the bedroom door and went to open the latch, but it wasn`t happening.. My hand went straight through the door, then my body passed through and I found myself floating above the stairwell of my Parents house, It felt quite normal that I was just floating around.. I had forgotten that I was awake and was slipping into a dreamstate, then suddenly whilst looking down the center of the stairwell to bottom floor I realized what had happened and that I had just walked through the door! My first thought was that I had died as this was physically impossible.. But I felt no pain or loss, but as it dawned on me that I was dead fear crept upon me and in the corner of my perception I saw a few small but ugly goblin like entities who looked as if they had picked up on my fear so I immediately prayed for help, not that I have ever been religious but this was the only protection I could invoke in this unkown territory. An instant later I was flashed back into my body and was sat up in my bed sweating profusely for a couple of hours in a shocked state of mind.

I didnt discuss this with anyone as maybe they would not believe me or think I was crazy, so I went out and bought books on OBE (out of body experiences) and other similar subjects.. I found that there are a lot of people out there who have had similar experiences, some see a bright white light, or meet relatives that have passed away..

I was now aware that I am not my body, I am spirit within a body, a temporary shell, like a driver and his vehicle..

I had never entertained this thought before, a whole new dimension had opened up to me and I had a few minutes glimpse..

The same year I joined a weekly meditation class at Wakefield college with the intention of discovering more.. For a few months I had visions that I was floating upwards from a lake towards the sky, I was told by the teacher that this was most likely an acute memory of a death by drowning in a previous lifetime and the glimpse I was receiving was my soul departing my body.

Mothers OBE

Months later my mother was rushed into intensive care with a lung problem, she had all the blood in her body replaced and was very close to death.. I went to visit a medium on our street who was a friend of my Mother, she told me that my Mothers soul was outside of her body so that she could receive the energy of others who would send it to her..
She also told me that she was receiving this energy from many people as she (the medium) had gone to different spiritual groups and asked them to send healing to my Mother..

A few more months down the line I was sat down in the living room reading a book on OBE and my Mother glanced over and asked what I was reading, I told her it was about OBEs and explained to her the experience that id had whilst in the back of the mind thinking *oh no shes not gonna believe me* but she replied saying that she had had a similar experience when she was being operated upon, she said that she shot out of her body and she was hovering at ceiling height watching the doctors operating on her, she said that this happened about 3 times.. but she never told anyone about it for the same reason as I.. Its not the usual conversation in Belle Vue that goes down in the local pub..

After I heard this from my Mother it was totally confirmed for me that we are not our bodies, it became so obvious to me, but this then led to further questions about why in general as a global population we are not aware of this and are not taught this basic fact.

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