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The Old Skool Uk – Early 90´s – Quadrant Park

Posted on Jul 23, 1990 by in blog | 0 comments


There was a huge shift in consciousness in the Uk in the early 90´s, it was like a mini 60´s flower power love revolution. Before that it was all about football and gangs, it was dangerous to go to any other city, if you wore a scarf or badge of your local football team you would get beaten, same would happen in our City, lots of gang fights went on between 1986-1989, I was in a gang called Wakey under 5´s, we were a bunch of young hooligans, the main bunch were Boney,Eyrey,Pinhead,Harkin and Myself then about 30 others around 15,16 years old, the elder gang were aged between 17-21+ : Wakey Whites/Wakey Dressers or Wakey Fine young casuals, we were all Leeds Utd fans and went to every game possible and always enjoyed a knock, but when Ecstasy and House Music came to the north of England everything changed literally overnight. We were able to venture to any other city in the country, pop a pill & a rap of whizz and dance all night, everyone was a brother or sister. For me it was a preview of a frequency that is possible for us to live on, it felt like our natural state. Since those early days I have been searching for a way to feel like that but in a natural way and its been quite a journey so far.

Here is a short video of our Typical Saturday night at Quadrant Park (Liverpool) around 1990:

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