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Nothing lasts forever

Posted on Oct 1, 2005 by in blog | 0 comments

venezuela-partiesIt was new years eve 2000, Paul, Cam and I hosted an amazing party in our home, we had 3 areas of music, Techno/Trance outside, House music in the living room, and Cafe del Mar chill out on the upper terrace, there were about 130 people, it was great, it started and finished smoothly, by 7.30 am just about everyone had gone home, there were just 8 of us remaining, I found myself floating in circles in the pool taking photos and smoking a nice J, it was a dream like heavenly feeling that everything was perfect, then out of nowhere came the policia, who ended up finding 2 ounces of weed, within 1 hour all 8 of us were behind bars! My girlfriend saw a small blackbird on the window ledge and said that was a bad sign and that we would not be leaving today..
This was a great test to stay in a positive frame of mind.. The first day and night we received no food, there was almost a scuffle when Sebastian spoke something in Spanish to one of the inmates, but luckily it calmed down..
It was around 10pm and we heard a bit of commotion from another part of the police station, the other 5 venezuelan inmates started getting ready for some trouble, one had a coca cola can and was making it into a weapon. Sebastian told us that there were 5 other guys coming in the cell to be locked up with us, it was already a small room with hardly any space but why get violent? So it turned out that these 5 guys were a rival gang of our fellow inmates, so they asked us to band with them.. Yes was the favoured choice.. I then reflected how things had changed from a paradise morning to being locked up with a bunch of psycho venezuelans about to go into full battle! Fate turned and the guards realized what was about to happen and they transferred the other prisoners to another place..

The other inmates then shared biscuits with us after we were now on their team.. thank the goddess for that..
I tried to sleep but it was difficult, I think I got maybe 5 hours over the course of 3 nights, on the 3rd night I placed my cash in the soles of my socks as usual and tried to get some sleep, it was about 4am and I felt a burning sensation on my foot, I thought it must have been the green mosquito coil that was close to me.. By 10am we were in the van on our way to be tested for drugs.. A butterfly flew into the back of the van with us, that was it for me, I said to everyone that it was a sign that we are getting out today.. we got out at 2pm, I had to rush to the airport to pick up my friend Lee and his girlfriend Yolanda who were visiting me.. I had to explain why I looked so rough that id just got out of prison.. I still had a blue stamp on my hand.. Yolanda didnt look too impressed..
I told them it wasnt safe to stay in my house as it was possible that the police could easily plant more drugs… So they stayed in a hotel for the 1st week, then it calmed down after that..
I knew that I couldnt continue to make parties on the island as the police were capable of doing anything, I wasn’t taking the risk.. 3 weeks later I sold my Tv, Microwave etc.. and left to Gran Canaria for 10 days to relax until I returned to England.. Back to square 1, I thought wow, what a ride!
Whats next 🙂

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