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Mother Earth in 5d

Posted on Sep 19, 2017 by in blog | 0 comments

mother earth 5d

After about 40 mins of the innerdance group meditation I saw myself drowning, descending deeper into the sea, I imagined myself surrendering, I choked as i swallowed the water and just let it happen, then sharks came and ate me, then i saw that my body had gone but i was still alive, my energy body floated up into the air and the next thing I saw was mother earth, I saw her with a fun energy, I saw that she could travel where she wanted as an independent being and that she could change size, she can remove all the land and sea and just be like a colourful being of light travelling through the stars. I saw that I had been here for 14 million years in this soul trap, but that amount of time seemed like the blink of an eye from a standpoint of eternity. I was full of bliss with teary eyes as I felt and saw the spirit of the earth and how amazing she is and also how much fun she is. I could see that she can recreate the physical earth as we know it which is just an outer manifestation of her being, it can be created holographically, we can all just appear, then disappear, well that’s how it looks maybe when switching dimensions. I was trying to ask questions but I was in so deep that i cant remember what I asked except I asked if she will take the moon with her and she said no, as its just an artificial satellite and it would be better to be deconstructed, maybe build ships from it. I felt like there will be much more chaos in the world which maybe needed to force people to awaken and if that’s not enough then the earth will shake continuously for at least 30 minutes, which can cause a mass awakening, and that soon enough of us will wake up and remember who we really are and it will be one big bliss party.

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