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Lucid Dreams

Posted on Sep 29, 2005 by in blog | 0 comments

lucid-dreamsI had a dream once that I was on top of a tree with a guide, but I felt he was an angel, his name was david, he showed me how to fly and encouraged me to do so, I remember that I swooped down off the tree down close to the ground and returned to the tree tops.

I also dreamt I was in a fair ground at the top of a vertical pole aside the big wheel, it was a clear day and for some reason I felt no fear being positioned on the top of this high pole, then suddenly the pole started to fall slowly horizontally and I gently let go of the pole and started to fly, I remember intentionally touching the leaves on the branches of the tree that I was passing so that I could feel just how real is feels to be in a dream and be conscious.. It is just the same feeling..

I once became conscious in a dream and decided to change the dream, but it was so real that I had to do it very carefully..
I was dreaming that I was working on a building site arranging some data cables with an electrician called Roy, who in reality I had worked with in my apprenticeship.. I was helping Roy with the cable when I suddenly became conscious that it was a dream, so I thought wow, ok I will carry on as if it is a normal working day, but I wanted to go outside and walk, so I remember saying to Roy that I wanted to nip out to look for a fish and chip shop and he said ok, so I went out walking in the street and thought wow, imagine im going to have fish and chips in dream world ad be conscious of it! As I walked down the street a lady passed by and I said hello, and thought to myself does she know that I am dreaming? I didn’t find a fish shop but found myself walking down the pathway beside the sea shore, I thought wow, I need to feel the sea to see if it feels the same as in reality, so I headed towards the shore whilst taking a glance at the sky to see how real it was and everything felt more real than anything, my full attention was on every moment.. I reached the sea and felt the edge of the water and it was a real as can be… I smelt a flower and it was also just as real, then the flower started to grow very large into some kind of venus fly trap type of flower and I got scared and awoke..

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