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Lucid Dream within a dream

Posted on Dec 17, 2015 by in blog | 0 comments


Its been more than a month since I had a lucid dream, but last night was incredible, I remember being in a dream without any shoes, then suddenly I had shoes on, so it made me realize I was dreaming, so I started running down the street enjoying being lucid then I started to fly down the road, usually I can float more than fly, but this time I could pick up some speed and was focusing on my nearest surroundings which usually helps me to stay lucid. I flew for about 2 minutes which is a long time in this state, It was amazing, all my senses were heightened, I could feel everything, I know how it feels to really fly in a physical body, even though it was a dream it still felt physical. after a couple of minutes I decided to fly upwards, it felt better with my eyes closed, I went higher and higher and my intention was break free into a higher dimension, I started to feel my heart center opening from the middle of my chest, like I was going supernova, but then suddenly I felt an earthquake which I assumed was going on back in my home so I thought I should wake up and get out of the building, then in that moment I forgot where I lived and I woke up inside of another dream which I thought was my real home, my bed was moving around in a circular fashion, so I got of it and slowly the earthquake stopped, then in that moment I woke up again but in my real bed. So a dream within a dream occurred and now I promise myself next time I fly upwards and feel this incredible transformation I will not stop to wake up by a fake distraction.

It reminds me yet again that this physical world we live in is but a dream, a long dream that lasts around 60 to 80 years for most people, then the physical body dies, the soul gets recycled/tricked into another life and continues the amnesia in a false dream world. I can say that when I am lucid, these fake temporary terrains feel just as physical as the apparent physical world we all live in. Actually they feel more real because the feeling of presence is more heightened.

There are many speakers out there who explain this false matrix we live in, David Icke put its well in this video:

Dream on dreamers!

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