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Lovely Mallorca

Posted on Feb 28, 2007 by in blog | 0 comments

Jonny - Rachel - Hayley

I spent 2 weeks in Mallorca visiting friends and clients which was lovely..We visited a sacred place called Talyot which is an undisturbed stone age settlement on the south east of the island. There is a spiral tunnel which goes down about 20 metres. Quite incredible it was to meditate down there and get in touch with the energies from a long time ago which are still vibrant, it feels that the settlers back then were in touch with the mother goddess energy, they lived a simple & humble life yet understood the laws of the universe and worked in harmony with them.It felt like we were swept back in time to such a peace that we didnt want to leave..After that we went to see Carmen and Resu perform at Ses Covetes which like always was a super performance..
We also visited Palma cathedral where we found some auspicous symbology embedded in the stone floor, (skull and bones with an egg timer), an illuminati trademark..not suprising at all.. I remember a hippy friend who was told to put his shoes back on whilst in the vicinity.. maybe its to do with the blocked ley line that the church sits on..

Awaken dear Goddess and brush these intruder aliens off your body..

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