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Life Transformation

Posted on Oct 1, 2005 by in blog | 0 comments


I was around 19 years old when I started to create a new imaginary life by visualizing myself living on a tropical island with a beautiful tropical wife, having a job where I would be communicating on the telephone and a job where I didnt need to start until 10am, as I was tired of being an electrician working on building sites having to wake at 6am and working 12 hour days.. The boss once found me day dreaming, he said where are you Jon? I said oh I was on a tropical island.. He said oh dreaming again eh!
A short time later I started working in London refurbishing hotels with a company from Leeds. After a year and a half I started getting quite depressed working 12 hours a day and felt very drained of energy, I was fired from my job for sneaking out 30 minutes early for dinner, I guess it was coming to me as every moment I could I was out of the site and in the music store, or I would find a place to sleep within the hotel, usually on the toilet! So that was the first time I got caught out of hundreds..
As I was in the middle of organizing a rave party I decided that I would remain in London, look for another job and find a place to stay, everything went well, I ended up renting a room from a lovely girl called Joanne, she introduced me to a boom called Stepping into the Magic by Gill Edwards which is still to this day my most inspirational book. I practised the creative visualization techniques from the book for a couple of months and visualized myself living on a tropical island with a beautiful wife, and having an easy job working on the telephone, starting at 10am.. etc..
In the meantime I was working for a new company in London doing various electrical work which again became uncomfortable, it came to the point where one day I just dropped my tools on the floor and tears where in my eyes, I just wanted my life to change, I was doing something I didnt enjoy, that day I went back to my room and I took 2 days off work and told them I was sick, the third morning I was looking for my tools and realized that I had left them on the bus, I thought to myself ok, thats a good sign, maybe I will just pack it in! The same week I made a huge mistake and had 6000 pounds stolen from me from a medium whom I will call Maria for now.. It was a painful lifes lesson for me, I had trusted the woman to bless my money for a rave party I was organizing, I trusted her as I had visited her several times at her home where she lived with her family, I had no doubts at all an thought well she cant hide even if she did take the money, so I left it with her for about a week, only by being advised by Jo that I should see her medium did I find that Maria did not have the money and that it was not at the church being blessed.
I went to her house and after 30 minutes she admitted that she had spent the money on the deposit for a new house. I was so angry with myself, I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, everything around me was falling apart, the worst fear was how was I going to explain this to my step father who had lent me 3000 pounds!
I went to the police and they could not help..
This lesson I learned from this is that if you are going to give your power away someone will gladly take it, I learned that another person cannot bring you your dreams, it is only within you.
I headed back to Islington and remember crossing the road without even looking if there was any traffic, I had lost the will to live, nothing really mattered anymore, I surrendered..
The next day I decided to visit St Pauls church and say a prayer, not that I had much faith anymore, I mean why should I with the state I was in..
As I exited the underground station at St Pauls, there was a group of buskers playing *I still havent found what Im looking for* by U2, and it seemed that that was a perfect song for me to hear which brought a smile to my face even in my sad state I appreciated the synchronicity.
I entered the church and lit a candle and sat down and closed my eyes and called upon a higher source and if this higher source could hear me then great.. I explained that my life had come to an end and I could not continue, and I expressed my dreams of living on a tropical island etc…
5 minutes later I left the church and descended into the underground station only to find that the band were playing *Let it be* by the beatles Unbelievable! So I gave them my last 5 pounds and thought to myself if thats no a sign then I dont know what is! I decided that I was going to remain in a positive frame of mind and continue my visualizations and see what happened..
I cannot recall if it was the same day or the same week, but I was standing in Leicester square reading my notes in my notebook to see what was my next appointment, it was to meet a friend Rob in covent garden at 3pm, in that instant I felt a tap on my shoulder it was a girl asking me in her best english *scuse me, can you tell me where is covent garden?*I said well thats a coincidence, Im going there right now why dont you follow me, ill show you, I didnt realize how beautiful she was as I was thinking about my rave party which was on the following week, then I turned around she was about 5 meters behind me, I stopped and looked at her and asked her what she was doing, she was staying in London for 6 months with her father and was looking for a temporary job, I asked her if she would like to have a drink after her interview and she agreed.. She brought with her a spanish-english dictionary which we needed to communicate to each other.. I thought ok, this is your chance, just tell her she`s beautiful and ask her out.. Im normally quite shy, but didnt hold back this day.. I looked in the dictionary and intended to say *you have beautiful eyes* but I actually said *you have beautiful holes!* we got married 3 months later.. We left London to live in my hometown Wakefield to the surprise of my family, out of nowhere I was arriving back home to be married to a lovely Venezuelan girl! I wrote a shorter version of the story of how we met and sent it to the local newspaper with a photo from the wedding.. The following week my friend said to me *Hey man, what you doing on the back page of the midweek extra!* It read *Question leads to Romance – Venezuelan beauty sweeps Dj off his feet* then followed the whole story.. We spent 2 years in the Uk, then she was homesick and cold even when the heating was on full and wanted to visit her country so she reserved 2 return tickets to Caracas, I had to get a job working nights as an electrician to save enough cash to pay for the tickets.. We had enough money to go and stay for the 3 months we had before our return.
We rented an apartment with sea view on arrival to Margarita only to find that our money ran out after 2.5 months, 2 days later an advertisement appeared in the local paper looking for English speakers, so I called and went for an interview, it was a clerical job taking sports bets over the phone and the start time was 10am.. I stayed with the same company for 3 years.
Then I looked back and realized that all my creative visualizations had become a reality! I had a beautiful tropical wife, I was living on a tropical island and now had a job answering the phone and my start time was a very acceptable 10am!!!
Francis and I stayed together for 6 months in Venezuela but we grew apart and separated, I continued my work and moved into a shared penthouse apartment with some work friends.. I continued practicing my visualizations and ended up living in some dream homes and having 3 great years on a tropical island.. I discovered through this and other experiences that we create our own reality.
Magic does work, you only have to be careful what you ask for!

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