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June 2006 Blog – Koh Phangan

Posted on Jun 25, 2006 by in blog | 0 comments


Its been one of the fastest 6 months so far.. I feel the essence of time is dissolving before us.. It makes one appreciate the moment much more as its gone within the blink of an eye..
What a time living in paradise, atop a sacred hill where monks once savoured their days in the now empty temple which still holds a high vibration.. I feel a tingling sensation when I walk in there, its understandable why the 3 meter cobra was angry when my neighbour Phil put doors on the cave.. The bats werent too happy neither..
Ive had the best neighbours, the first was Alvaro from Madrid (aka-teenwolf) who has a beard growing on his back, he decided to have it waxed off in the barbers on Nye before we went to the Full moon party beach to bring in the New Year which went down a treat, I came back quite leathered from the red bull and vodkas and decided to clean my sins in the waterfall by the house, i tumbled a few times but luckily my camera survived to tell the tale..
Since then there have been quite a few half moon, black moon and full moon parties which were all good fun dancing whilst the sun rises.. I also went twice a week to the local infamous tantric yoga school which is great for meeting lovely darlings.. and also keeping the body and mind in tune as long as you dont become a robot..
I decided to practice a little bit at home though as I find it hard to go down the hill into civilization.. but its nice to go down to the ananda yoga restaurant for scrambled egg and socialize.. Click their site to have a look – Yoga Thailand

In March I spent some nice times with Amy from New Zealand who makes great fruit shakes..
Also in March I had a vist from the lovely Iluminada from Spain who spent a couple of weeks here, we also visited Koh Nang Yuan which is a beauty island just 1 hour away then we spent a couple of days in Bangkok before her departure.. then I headed to Chiang Mai to see Amy who then came back to Koh Phangan and dedicated a few months in the Yoga school..

In May I attended a few courses held at the Yoga school which included 2 weeks of Tantra and a week of Vira training and and Angel workshop.. all quite interesting indeed.. At the end of the month they hosted a Bollywood style party in the yoga hall..
I also discovered a nice hike by following the waterfall to the top of the mountain which leads to a large rock with a view over the sea..

June has to be the best month this year as I was honoured to take a few days of waterfall and nature photos of 2 beautiful darlings..

I also hiked up the largest mountain on the island with a few of the lads from the yoga school which was quite a good mission which ended with a fire & meditation on top & a swim in the waterfall pool on the way back down..

Well it seems that I will have no neighbours as of today.. Its a fast moving island.. lets see what more adventures are in store!

goodbye from our resident praying mantis!

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