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Indonesia trip

Posted on Aug 1, 2006 by in blog | 1 comment


We approached the foot of Mount Bromo in Java at approx 3am and headed by 4×4 jeep to the top of the adjacent mountain so we could see the sunset to the east and the volcanoes to the west, we were the first ones there so we had to wait until 5am until the sky started to change colour. We headed to to the pitch black viewpoint that Lala found quite scary as she could detect some spirits so she stayed a 100m below at the tea shop but I decided to stay on top and see the amazing blanket of stars and do some Tai Chi for half an hour until it got cold so I lit a small fire but returned for ginseng coffee to warm up, I also detected a spooky energy but I thought I had to test my bravery whilst inside a part of me was a bit wary..

As the sun rose the shape of the Volcanoes slowly came into view, it was more amazing than I expected, we could see white smoke coming out of both Volcanoes, the Volcano at the back made quite a mystical spiral of smoke which was quite surreal..
Time was running out as we had to get to the airport so we sped down the mountain to take some shots from the bottom but my camera decided to go on strike, I think it was because of the awful rotten egg smell that was emitted from Mt Bromo, a bit of unauthorized sulphur action going on.. As we got to the bottom it felt like we had gone back in time to some pre-historic setting, I was waiting for the dinosaurs to come plodding around the corner.. We didnt have time to climb up Mt.bromo but we passed the foot of it whilst viewing all the locals trotting around on their ragged looking horses that looked like rough shetland ponys, the locals were quite smaller than the average indonesian person, even their faces were different, infact they looked exactly like the Peruvians around the Machu Pichu area, they even dressed the same, maybe there is an underground magnetic super fast tunnel connecting the locals of each zone! or maybe they get free transport from their ET friends in exchange for allowing them to extract energy from these power spots for refuelling.. My imagination saw all kinds of possibilities..

We made it to the airport just intime for our flight to Lombok, when we arrived there I sensed a strange energy on the island, as I saw the first hundred faces I could see that they werent the happiest bunch, then we headed straight to the Gili Islands after being picked up on a small speed boat, and arrived to a much more chilled island which has no cars or motorbikes, only horse and cart! and all the locals there are very friendly, maybe something to do with all the magic mushrooms on the island! nearly every bar has a sign outside offering the psychodelic mushrooms!

we took a 45min trip around the island by horse and cart, it was the horses first trip, she was just 2 years old! her name was Ilias, quite a happy nag after she completed her first circuit, she did quite well for a young thoroughbred!

The next day we changed bungalow as we found a cheaper one that had a nice big outdoor bath! that night there was a problem with the electric so we couldnt use the bath but Lala used it and used all the hot water as when I tried I just got cold water, I was really looking forward to that bath..

The following night after the snorkelling trip was my time for the bath and it was one of the best ive had, under the stars with chilled music for over an hour, I could have slept there all night!

Lala woke me the next morning at 6am to watch a beauty sunrise coming up by the side of Mt.Rinjani.. We then headed on to Magical Bali to arrive watching the locals walking to start a large cremation ceremony, where they collectively decide on a date to dig up their relatives (after about 5years being buried) and cremate them.. not my cup of tea..

Next day in Bali we went on a downhill cycle through villages above Ubud which was beautiful, especially to be greeted by just about every person we passed! Its the most friendly area ive ever been to.. Even old one eyed jack who could hardly see us was waving and welcoming us!

That night we decided to rest and the next morning we visited Monkey forest and fed my brothers for an hour, cheeky little beggars.. That same evening we woke at 2am to climb the active Volcano Mount Batur which took around 90mins, I separated myself from the guide who was a bit possessive as I wanted to do my own thing, so once at the top I found a small rocky enclosure and made a small circle of candles with some mango and oranges & incence inside as a breakfast offering to mother earth and her local volcano spirits, I started to meditate just before sunrise for about 20 mins and felt quite a nice flow of energy coming up my body, it was a very light floaty feeling. I think the best photos were taken at this twilight point.

Our last night there we had a lovely meal and attended a kecak fire and trance dance which is similar to the hand waving tribal ritual seen on the Baraka movie..

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