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Halloween 2015

Posted on Nov 1, 2015 by in blog | 0 comments

I wont forget this Halloween!
seems like Intuition is heightened living close to nature, I was looking up at the ceiling yesterday wondering what it would be like if one of the tall surrounding trees would fall on the roof, and I thought it would be safe as the walls are concrete and that maybe the metal beams would get damaged but it would be ok, then around midday today it became a reality, a rather tall tree top came crashing down crushing the roof in the next room, 2 meters from me, the huge crashing sound shook the 3 cabins sending broken plasterboard all over the room, my immediate thought was an explosion or an earthquake..
there was a baby in the next room, some of the fallen plasterboard cut her ear, but she is ok. the tree had landed directly above her, but the metal beam didn’t completely break. she was there on the bed with loads of broken plasterboard around her.. really lucky.



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