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Float Brisbane


Acupuncture, Massage and Float Tank Therapy Brisbane: Pure Gain

With our exceptional treatments, you get pure gain. After our service with you, you would experience great health improvement and harmony. This is because your health is our main concern: we are happy when you’re fit, responsive, and healthy.
With our acupuncture and massage treatments, we will take your body flexibility and sound health to the next level. Do you know why we are so proud of of this method? It’s because for many years thousands of people have benefited from the healing effects of both acupuncture and massage. And people still use them up till today, because they work.
We also deal in floating therapy. This is one of our new services. Our floating therapy gives your body and mind amazing benefits. With our over 25 years of experience, we are confident we will restore your beautiful body back to shape and make you feel good about your overall health once again. We pride on our passion and integrity, as helping you maintain your vitality and retain your energy is what we love to do.

Our Acupuncture Service Brisbane
Using needles skilfully in a way that you don’t feel hurt is what we do conveniently. We also use other refined techniques too. This is to ensure you are provided the most effective treatment with no side effect.
Are you a kid? And you probably do not like the idea of a needle on your gentle skin, right? Don’t worry. We also ensure you get the best acupuncture service without any need to pierce your skin. So relax. Your safety is our priority. In the place of any sharp object like the niddle, we use cupping and also heat the acupuncture points already selected. These methods will equally give you a hitch-free and highly effective treatment.
Acupuncture regulates the delivery of energy to your body. Our acupuncturist is skilled at ensuring balance of energy in your body, seeing that all blockages that can affect your well-being including proper functioning of your muscle, skeleton are released. We also ensure you are physiologically and psycho-emotionally balanced.

Massage Brisbane
When it comes to professional massage, our twelve (12) good years of experience in remedial sports, soothing massage in Brisbane speaks for us.
When we work, we ensure that only the best hands attend to you. And that is why our highly qualified massager, Rebecca, works skillfully in such a way that your body feels liven up and flourishing again. And more interestingly, she ensures that any treatment given is personalised. She has such gentle touch that allows for adequate release using relevant techniques. As she does this, she is tender and sensitive using different techniques. In short, Rebecca is best at what she does.
Rebecca also is skilled at neck and shoulder tension relaease. She is equally good at relieving you of your back ache. If you are a pregnant woman, Rebecca is your go-to therapist for your remedial and relaxation treatments. Of course her record years of experience in massage has shown that Rebecca is unique and skillful. She has since learnt about the power of massage in restoring energy in the body and feels it is wonderful. So she wants you to enjoy this beautiful feeling too.

Float Tank Brisbane
What is floating?
This is when you are placed in a flotation tank containing 30cm of magnesium sulphate solution. The concentration solution makes the foating very easy. To make it more effective, the skin temperature of the tank is maintained at a constant 34.5 C. In this state, the nerve end which covers the skin is free from any separation between your skin and the material bath which is silky. Interestingly, while floating, you may decide to listen to soothing, gentle music by the side or keep everything silent, if you so choose. Also, most floaters like to have it dark, but if you wish, you may turn the light on anytime.


Meet Our Staff
David – Acupuncture Specialist
A Seasoned and highly qualified acupuncturist, David is renowed with using acupuncture and and therapy to heal and achieve sound health. He has been doing this since 2000. No wonder he is widely recognised for it here in Thailand.

Rebecca – Massage Therapist
Since 2004, Rebecca has been researching the benefits of massage to heal people. Her passion for the healing power of massage and yoga is so great that she does it with such zeal and competence that makes her unique. She also deals in acupuncture and floating.

float brisbane – Pure Gain

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