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North pole volcano supernova Dream

Posted on Oct 21, 2015 by in blog | 0 comments


Last nights dream was quite powerful, I was dreaming that I was on the outside of a prison gate, I think some friends were inside, then I found myself trapped in between the outer gates, then when I looked out I could see an airplane graveyard, thousands of airplanes that went on for miles and miles! then in the far distance there was a huge explosion of light, it was like a volcano but at the same time it was as if the North Pole was going Supernova, I felt a huge earthquake coming in energy waves, at that moment I became more lucid and from my point of view I was in some kind of astral realm that had been used as a prison for many souls, and this supernova explosion was going to cleanse everything and free the souls, so I immediately was relieved and floated up to try and get a better view but the energy was too intense so I just laid back floating and felt the energy wave coming towards me. I could see fireworks coming from the area of the energy explosion, it felt symbolically like a celebration. For some time now I have had a point of view that sees the dream/astral world as a false prison realm that clouds us from remembering who we are and keeps us in a trance but this dream was an amazing sign about a powerful transformation. whether its just personal or a global peek I don’t know, but it was a very profound consciousness earthquake.
It was only last week that I dreamt of a huge tsunami coming down from the North Pole.
Looks like there is something going on: Rare NORTH POLE Earthquake — 5.2 magnitude strikes near new undersea volcano
Also dreamt recently of seeing the after effects of an earthquake in Mexico, I was stood on what was the remains of a large highway which was destroyed, I was thinking what a mess..

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