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Communion with native american indians dream

Posted on Sep 29, 2005 by in blog | 0 comments


I dreamt that I was communicating with a native american indian tribe, I was floating in the air about 20ft above and infront them and my intention was to show them how it is possible to fly. The technique was to visualize a 2 rings of energy which criss over the whole body moving in fast circles in a forward motion, this was how to activate the energy field, then suddenly I felt that I had to leave them immediately and my being folded over backwards and blended in with the air and wind, I folded backwards onto the ground not so far from where the indians were standing.I became one with the Air then the Earth, I could feel that my body was the earth that the indians were stood upon, then suddenly I heard and felt a buffalo approaching and felt it as they stampeded over me / the ground, then I heard the indians chanting together in a tribal joy.

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