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The Awakening

Posted on Aug 30, 2015 by in blog | 0 comments


My life changed overnight the night I had an out of body experience (Obe) when I was 18, its been 24 years since then and its been both an amazing journey but also a lonely journey, all this time knowing I am living in a dream world, knowing that I am much more than what my 5 senses tell me yet the memories of my true origin are hidden.
Thanks to my 6th sense of Intuition! which I am constantly listening to, it is my primary guiding source, no matter what I read, see or hear, Intuition is closer to truth than any of the 5 senses.

After years of contemplation and observation of the world inside and around me, I constantly find myself witnessing a world in a trance of insanity. I often think that I took a wrong turn and somehow ended up in the birth canal of planet earth, which is most likely one 1 version of infinite parallel earths, how far does this dream-state stretch out to? This really is the Matrix and there are agents in this programmed hologram that are designed to make sure it stays that way. I have had many dreams where I become lucid and independent of my movements and agents of this astral dream realm appear and always try to put me back to a non aware state or attack me. I often can sense them and move elsewhere or wake myself up, I have often received help from other beings. I have tested my senses so many times in these lucid dream states, I have walked down streets touching the walls and plants, looking at the clouds move and it is exactly the same feeling as this physical world, things feel the same and look the same, even it feels more alive to be there. I have met people in these states and told them I am dreaming and that I would disappear when I wake up in my world. sometimes they listen to me and are amazed, but other times they dismiss me as they might think i´m crazy.
The only difference between these lucid dream realities and this physical reality is that this dream is constant, its the same dream every time I wake up in the morning, whereas the astral dream world keeps changing every day and each dream lasts a few minutes and nothing is constant. The conclusion is clear to me that this physical world is a locked dream with many limitations, as in the astral in lucid state I have many abilities, teleportation, walking through walls, floating, flying are normal also I don’t remember needing to eat or drink there.
Its clear to me that even though the astral realm seems more free it is also a controlled limited realm, we visit there in sleep and also when our physical bodies die, our memories are wiped and we are thrown back into a new body on the physical earth living countless repetitive lives with the same patterns.
I can see how amazing this physical world would be if these limitations were lifted, it could be a heavenly realm of freedom. I can only assume that this shared reality we have on earth has been hijacked by parasite hackers who feed off being in control, feed off the fear & sadness of a lost mankind.
I sense that these hackers are a much lower life-form than us and will do anything to keep us living in ignorance of the real truth.
The real truth that we are infinite limitless multidimensional beings, who somehow have forgotten ourselves and become slaves of a mind matrix of limitation and powerlessness, yet I feel we all have the spark within us to fully wake up and reclaim our natural sovereign rights and live in a constant state of freedom & peace.
I feel we are in the age of Awakening, of remembering, and one day we will look back at the days of been caterpillars and say “F*** me, that was insane! shall we do it again? no, no way, that’s enough..!!!!”

My dream is that everyone wakes up and realize we are dreaming, the next steps will come naturally.


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