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2012 Blog

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FEB 2012:

Problem: Human Dependence on Corrupt / Sick Governments.
Solution: Fire Them! and Convert supermarkets and banks to Hydroponic organic gardens and go back to good old bartering.

MARCH 2012

Random journeys after feeling itchy feet on Koh Phangan, led to joining an impressive alchemy fire meditation seeing silver converting to mercury and gold at Nagamasa (Thansadet, Koh Phangan), then heading to Bangkok

ending up at a huge Puja day with around 1 million Buddhists meditating for peace surrounding a temple that appears to be an intergalactic mothership…

APRIL 2012
Random scribbles after drinking 4 glasses of whisky & ice at haad son resort:

young and old men.. prepare to take on your role, hold steadfast for a strong wind is blowing, stand your ground, for ye are stewards of the earth.
women.. take child in arms and keep them warm, for days to come may seem cold, but hold head up high for the sun is to rise and shine brightly the path that appears dark.

AUG 2012

since about 1 year ago I had visions of myself packing up and moving, but i ignored it, then I started to feel ill, kidney pains etc, then I did some rebirth sessions and I saw myself in south america, and I saw that I need to be close to volcano energy and fast flowing rivers, and that my soul needs to grow by travellling more.. I had to leave the paradise bubble of Koh Phangan..
After I left Koh Phangan I was hanging out with 2 friends in chiang mai and one day we all asked the question, what would we do if we had all the money in the world, or what would we do if we had 6 months to live and we started telling of things that we would do, and mine was to travel to various communities in the most beautiful parts of the world and learn from them and share anything I know.. this was 1 hour before I was going to buy another 1 year education visa for Thailand, I was about to settle down, but my friends saw my eyes light up when I spoke of Hawaii and Brazil etc..  They also changed their directions after this intuitive meeting..
so from here, ill go with the flow and see where it ends up 😉

SEP 2012:
Hawaii – Big Island
it’s a nice group of people and its good to have a family feeling, all sharing meals, kids running around and horses, chickens, cats etc..
We are far from many places like waterfalls and nice beaches but I guess ive had my fair share in Kpg.
We are less than an hours drive from an active volcano so the energy here is strong, it brings up any suppressed emotions so most people here are going through change whether they like it or not.

I am happy with a 2 month stay, then I will pass through san fran, la and maybe Miami..
I forgot that there will be a huge rainbow gathering for dec21 in mexico so im tempted to just throw away my brazil ticket and go to mexico,Guatemala etc, then maybe make it to Brazil at a later point but im not yet 100% sure.

It rains every day here, but just for 15mins or so a few times, new moon yesterday brought amazing starry nights. Im staying in a Yurt next to a camp fire, theres a large avocado tree next to me, I hear fresh avocadoes drop about twice per day, so its amazing to eat them straight from the tree.
I feel more healthy here than I did in Thailand, no more immune system issues or kidney pain.
I hae been sipping apple cider vinger every day, im sure that’s helping to alkalize my body. Some people here have had a flu bug but I managed to keep it at bay. I showed them the garlic up the nose technique..
Im not sure if im happy, I guess ill know when it comes, maybe im neutral..

oct 15
dreamt of the dog I was looking after having an accident near a construction site, then the next day whilst walking him a fly went in my left eye, 2mins later I saw a construction sign, so immediately turned around and headed back..

oct 16 was a rough day, I was drained all day walking around a concrete city, bought some shoes that didnt fit me, threw away the shoes I should have washed and kept, put 20$ in the bus payment machine that doesn’t give change (should have been 2$) but things turened around when the bus driver had all the next customers give me their bus fares, I collected back 17usd!
then when I slept, I had a lucid dream of skydiving..

oct 17.. lovely sunrise walk with Beckett the wire haired pointing griffon. felt good energy in the day.

OCT 26th:

San Jose, Costa Rica:

The false god on this planet is Technology, humans are slowly being sheeped towards become fully controlled digital beings.
As I sit in the hostel I look around and everyone is online hypnotized, (including me) lol..
The movie the Matrix is a preview of what is possibly coming to pass, unless we learn how to live in synchronicity with the rhythms of nature.
As if mankind is not already in such a pickle, something enticing such as virtual reality has a very scary ending, most
children are growing up digitally and not naturally. They are already being groomed for a heartless future.

It appears that we are in a huge transition regardless of any prophecies, which leap we take will be a choice for each of us.
Leap into an unlimited digital tron like world disconnecting even more from nature and eventually becoming complete cyborgs / transhumans?.
The trap will be hypnotically sold to the mainstream and it will appear very enticing as if that is the only way forward.
Whoever or Whatever is in control of our system/media/governments are NOT HUMAN. They want us as 100% slaves, we are probably already at least 50%..

Soon enough there is most likely going to be a situation which is designed that people submit to their governments and allow themselves to be electronically chipped. (fake alien attack?, the illusion of Planet X?, Ufos landing to rescue humans from some disaster? If they are so advanced why do they need spaceships?)
The final straw of disconnect from nature/source/love may happen if people fall for these final traps.

Most people will carry on regardless and be sucked into a robotic future but some will wake up in time and start to deprogram themselves and clean out all old stuff/emotional blockages so that they can be light enough to live in the moment and say goodbye to the ego driven mind that is 98% in the past and future.

People will find where nature provides natural water/drinking sources that are not contaminated with flouride etc.
More and more communities will be formed that grow their own organic food and share true heart to heart communication, eventually discovering their natural telepathic way to communicate (from the heart).

Communities will flourish with art,music and laughter. Children will be brought up within the community, each person will pass on their skills/wisdom to each child allowing the child to figure things out and use intuition over logic.
Or maybe the children that come will be teaching the adults.

Ageing is a disease, a huge scam.

People will look back with disbelief on how it was possible that we lived in such a way, so separate from each other.

Nov 2012
I just bought a pair of small bongos to take with me for a large off
the grid festival at some Mayan temples in Palenque, Mexico in December..
I do miss Thailand a lot, I miss the massages and whole lifestyle and all the friends I met there. I’ve met some nice people on my travels and will stay in touch with them but
it would be nice when I can find a resonant place that has as much attraction as my home in koh phangan, until then ill keep moving around.
I was just offered 3000 pounds and a flight to the uk to make a party there in Glastonbury for Dec 21, but I don’t think I can go back to the Uk, I know that after a few days of
winter id want to jump on a plane out of there…
I had a good time in Hawaii, the volcano energy really pulled up all my issues so I had to work through that with a lot of breathing, I left the big island after 6 weeks,  I went to Oahu island for 2 weeks which was nice, I did a website exchange for a Lawyer, he wanted a News website, then I went Dog sitting in Oakland, CA, 3 hours every day in the redwood regional park, it was so nice, with an amazing dog.. I became a dog lover after that..
I then flew to Costa rica for another website exchange,
I spent 1 night with an old friend from Venezuela, we went on a good 2hour jog/hike in the nature and saw a pretty cool rainbow, then went fruit picking in someones garden. she came out and was quite friendly asking us if we had bags to carry the fruit..
The next day I headed to Arenal, to Essence Eco hostel at the foot of an active volcano, amazing views and waterfall hike, hot springs every day. I spent 5 hours one day in the hot spring, my intention was to meditate and let the hot spring water cleanse out any old stuck energies, which seems to go ok but it wasnt always easy to stay still with the gushing waters and 3 hours was already enough. I think the dark rooms are better for processing energy.

After 2 weeks I completed their new website and had a variety of choices, it seemed logical to go to Inanitah community on Ometepe island but the timing didnt seem right, so I checked the weather forecasts of various places and Mexico looked good. I had a potential website exchange lined up there so I emailed Stefan and he said come on down, so within 2 days I was there in the sunshine next to the beach. They have a lovely set up, a cosy hotel with panoramic views and just 2 blocks from the beach.
So far I have hardly paid for a accommodation since 3 months, but I guess that money was spent on flights but its a good experience for me. Each time I get on a plane or bus my bag has become lighter, I keep giving things away or selling things..
I am feeling intense energies, I don’t know if its  a mid life crisis or a 2012 crisis, but I’m trying to keep my head above the water so I don’t contaminate my surroundings.
I am really tired of soul searching, wondering who I am and what all this crazy reality is about.. lol, I guess laughter is the best medicine on top of keeping fit and positive.

Nov 27th:
Just spent 2 nights in the village of an active volcano (colima) It was my 1st couch surfing experience with 2 lovely local girls (laura and monica) they showed me around the town at night and then took me towards the volcano the next day, but I didnt get to see the volcano due to cloud cover, the next day i walked for about 90mins to find an archaelogical sited named EL chanal but it was closed, then i walked back to a supermarket and spent 30mins selecting some nice cheese and drinks only to be told at the counter I had to be a member, so that was 3 strikes and im out, lol, so not so much luck in Colima but it didnt bother me, I makes me laugh when all things come at once, well I got the night bus to mexico city which was quite a comfortable ride, I may just stick to the buses now instead of taking flights everywhere. I just arrived at a 2nd couchsurfers house in the village of san juan teotihuacan which is 5 minutes from the famous and mysterious pyramid of the sun and moon.  Marybel is my couchsurfing host, she seems very sweet and her parents are very welcoming.


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